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Simple knowledge of the two dimensional image measuring instrument

The two dimensional image measuring instrument, which is called the two dimension, is a precision measuring instrument. Therefore, in the process of the new machine installation, we should pay attention to the details. Once we have overlooked a small factor, it may affect the accuracy of the whole instrument.

ONE. The new starting point in the installation location to avoid bumps along the way,

Pay attention to light, for the new machine to choose a level of relatively flat place.

Before taking out the instruction, and carefully read.

Two. Install the ground foot. The ground foot is made of metal stent and a rubber pad.

And the height can be adjusted freely. So the installation foot ground is an important step.

After the installation, you can use the horizontal instrument to test whether it is qualified.

Three. Install the three axis fixed frame.

Four. Connect the power source to the monitor (note the power source).

Five. You can take the workpiece to do a test.