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Optical image measuring instrument

Optical image measuring instrument

Our customers in the purchase of our image measuring instrument, often ask us how to fold, how to install, how the operation will not cause damage to the equipment, in fact, we should be in the delivery time should be informed customers.

A machine before shipment, we will do a comprehensive package. First of all, we will use the protective film of the whole equipment all package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty. To ensure the surface of the fuselage is not touched flowers, on the other hand, can prevent oil, water entering. Because in transit, no one can not guarantee there is no heavy rain weather. Without a protective film after the package, we will use a special wooden box installed machines, and better quality of the foam placed in wooden crates (up to the anti vibration effect.) after, and then pin box nail on the entire wooden case. The packaging process, our staff are very careful and careful. Careful to do. Be careful and action of each package if the equipment is damaged. Including machine loading. All other professional forklift division please pay outside and forklift.

Some of the details of our company's pre shipment, the following are some of the details of the machine to the customer.

When the equipment to the customer designated locations, unloading must pay attention to. To please professional forklift karigar. Goods to the ground, if the floor (for example, put on the second floor, here referred to is large instruments), please use the crane. Unboxing first if you want to open the lock pin and ordered to tear down around the board. Don't hammer sledgehammer scruple. Apart the equipment related data (certificate, instructions for use, floppy disk, etc.) are collected. In order to avoid the loss. Then the protective film tear. So did the nondestructive to assemble the machine.