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Psychological concerns of the customer's purchase of image measuring instrument

Psychological concerns of the customer's purchase of image measuring instrument

A lot of customers before with our transaction image measuring instrument, there are many psychological concerns. Often we repeatedly questioned some of the problems. For example, your Jiateng image measuring instrument quality OK ah, bad there is no warranty ah, the warranty period is how long ah, door-to-door service charge and timely... . as the customer's purchase psychology. These problems, is normal. Including our own purchase some accessories, we will repeatedly to consult each other clearly, for their own for more rights and protection. We Jiateng do for the industry well-known image measuring instrument manufacturer, has the in the industry engaged in up to 16 years of production and technical research. In the user industry, has been formed a good beer and image. JATEN trademarks of our already have good visibility and reputation. Here we talk about the customer choice we Jiateng because of various reasons, so that the lifting of the customers in the selection of the concerns of our image measuring instrument.

1 good quality

I said, a lot of people will say: you are advertising bragging. It Is it right? Bragging advertising, only the facts say the truth. Why is their quality? The first: we have engaged in the image measuring instrument for nearly 16 years of experience in production and research. The experience than any one at home to be rich, have to start early; second: we introduced foreign optical measurement instrument technology and professional technical personnel, whether from software development or the structure of the instrument, we are walking in the forefront of technology. If I said you two don't believe it, then go to the consultation have bought our instruments customers ask them, our quality is excellent. Is it right? Believe they won't cheat you!

2 the price is not expensive

Price not expensive should be relatively good, take some of our peers, with a model, the same trip and function, compared prices came out. So expensive, you can compare their own! But we can sincerely tell you, a sub penny goods. Price eventually than price. Jiateng image measuring instrument price can be said is the highest domestic counterparts.

3 after sales service

First, our company has a group of professional after-sales service team. These technical personnel in the country every day on a business trip. Their technical skills, a moderate. As long as the customer has a phone to our company service center. We will be the first time to arrange for the recent technical staff to help you answer.

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