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Image measuring instrument made in China and imported price fight

Image measuring instrument made in China and imported price fight.

A lot of customers to buy our image measuring instrument to reflect: domestic machine with foreign machine which one kind of better, which kind of cost-effective. At first, some customers asked such a question, we will carefully explain the domestic video measuring instrument and imported machine area, but later this voice is more and more, we have to do a comprehensive comparison of domestic and imported machines through the Internet.

When measuring instrument brand, but to the US China, still useful not ostentation and extravagance, especially in 3D measurement technology. And these machines odd expensive, than any domestic brand is more expensive 2 to 3 times the price. And after-sales service is very inconvenient. In case of any problem, difficult to have foreign technical personnel on-site maintenance.

So eventually a sentence, and not so the products are imported, we Chinese people can still produce world-class image measuring instrument series optical equipment. Even in some areas beyond the other brands.