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Image measuring instrument error

Image measuring instrument error "where I belong"?

Some businesses bought our image measuring instrument response we Jiateng instrument for measuring the imprecise. That we should cause one by one with them about. Of course, we dare not said how accurate we Jiateng image measuring instrument, but in the domestic same industry, we can say without reservation by: our instrument is genuine, the accuracy is also a leading in the peer light. Does not work, we have to clarify the customer: what is what causes you to our product misunderstanding.

When it comes to the measurement accuracy of image measuring instrument, we can find the reason of it. We should grasp the main points of the instrument, such as: the instrument itself, the object, the range, the range, the range of the instrument, and the other factors.

Chance factor.

1 operation is not correct is the most common cause of the error of the image measuring instrument, because the instrument is a new technology testing equipment, most of the business operators are not professional training!

2 measurement environment is the result of the image measuring instrument error. The image measuring instrument is more demanding on the environment. Not only the level of the ground, but also the indoor temperature can not exceed the standard. Especially for the three coordinate measuring instrument, the temperature exceeds the standard. Therefore, a lot of companies have set up the air conditioning to make sure that it works under constant temperature.

3 workpiece objects. Each image measuring instrument will be involved or not involved in the measurement object. If the workpiece in the measurement range, of course, is understandable; but some businesses put it as a universal tool.

Two. Error analysis of image measuring instrument

Leading to the error of the image measurement instrument is the inevitable factor I do not want to say, because of the business, these factors you are no way to change.

To sum up two points, we see not hard, many error factors, ask businesses are, in the end your company's image measuring instrument is because our quality is not good or because of the above some of the reasons of it?! but also labor you scrutinize! Thank you for your cooperation!

Psychological concerns of the customer's purchase of image measuring instrument

SEE DETAILSPsychological concerns of the customer's purchase of image measuring instrument

Psychological concerns of the customer's purchase of image measuring instrument A lot of customers before with our transaction image measuring instrument, there are many psychological concerns. Often we repeatedly questioned some of the problems. For example, your Jiateng image measuring instrument quality OK ah, bad there is no warranty ah, the warranty period is how long ah, door-to-door service charge and timely... . as the customer's purchase psychology. These problems, is normal. Including our own purchase some accessories, we will repeatedly to consult each other clearly, for their own for more rights and protection. We Jiateng do for the industry well-known image measuring instrument manufacturer, has the in the industry engaged in up to 16 years of production and technical research. In the user industry, has been formed a good beer and image. JATEN trademarks of our already have good visibility and reputation. Here we talk about the customer choice we Jiateng because of various reasons, so that the lifting of the customers in the selection of the concerns of our image measuring instrument.

2015 / 11 / 05

Two dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension

SEE DETAILSTwo dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension

Two dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension As a new technology of two optical measuring instrument, according to common sense, the two dimensional image measurement instrument in the application is indeed more than three yuan, the three dimension is based on the two dimensional image measurement instrument, but this is not to mean that the three dimensional market will be replaced by the two element, there are many customers in the purchase, it is often asked: we should buy what is good here, we do for the instrument manufacturers, responsible for the two yuan and three yuan have their own application areas. Distinction and use. Usually, in the measurement of the volume is not too, and only two-dimensional measurement, we propose the use of the two dimensional image measuring instrument. Two dimensional measurement problem. It can solve the problem of two-dimensional measurement. It can only generate CAD drawings. In addition, the two dimension has a remarkable feature: it is a non contact measurement, which is the most suitable for the two dimension in the measurement plane. For example, PCB plate, film and so on.

2015 / 11 / 05