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2015 spring tea party

Spring breeze Xu, the recovery of all things. New year's new weather, new start! 2015 belongs to the year of the goat, in this March bloom, the festive season, Jiateng gathered together, the entertainment company staff and friends from all walks of life, held a warm and grand spring tea party! Here is a song, there are dance; there is joy, there is laughter; there are passionate performances, here are really pure blessing ". Let us pick up the glass, I wish the 2015 Katen brand ring cut global performance of be on the upgrade!

But the old speech, welcome spring; summarize the experience, develop new! In the speech of Mr. Peng Xiongliang, the general manager, we are more determined and more powerful. Has just gone through 2014 review: we in the image measuring instrument based on, and start the automatic dispensing equipment, we expand the marketing of new blood. Even after the waves, but at the moment, we cite the Katen one, ready, go to all lengths!

Two dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension

SEE DETAILSTwo dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension

Two dimensional image measuring instrument market is divided by the three dimension As a new technology of two optical measuring instrument, according to common sense, the two dimensional image measurement instrument in the application is indeed more than three yuan, the three dimension is based on the two dimensional image measurement instrument, but this is not to mean that the three dimensional market will be replaced by the two element, there are many customers in the purchase, it is often asked: we should buy what is good here, we do for the instrument manufacturers, responsible for the two yuan and three yuan have their own application areas. Distinction and use. Usually, in the measurement of the volume is not too, and only two-dimensional measurement, we propose the use of the two dimensional image measuring instrument. Two dimensional measurement problem. It can solve the problem of two-dimensional measurement. It can only generate CAD drawings. In addition, the two dimension has a remarkable feature: it is a non contact measurement, which is the most suitable for the two dimension in the measurement plane. For example, PCB plate, film and so on.

2015 / 11 / 05

Optical image measuring instrument

SEE DETAILSOptical image measuring instrument

Optical image measuring instrument Our customers in the purchase of our image measuring instrument, often ask us how to fold, how to install, how the operation will not cause damage to the equipment, in fact, we should be in the delivery time should be informed customers. A machine before shipment, we will do a comprehensive package. First of all, we will use the protective film of the whole equipment all package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty. To ensure the surface of the fuselage is not touched flowers, on the other hand, can prevent oil, water entering. Because in transit, no one can not guarantee there is no heavy rain weather. Without a protective film after the package, we will use a special wooden box installed machines, and better quality of the foam placed in wooden crates (up to the anti vibration effect.) after, and then pin box nail on the entire wooden case. The packaging process, our staff are very careful and careful. Careful to do. Be careful and action of each package if the equipment is damaged. Including machine loading. All other professional forklift division please pay outside and forklift.

2015 / 11 / 05