Tool Microscope basic properties

Tool Microscope basic properties

Model Number :GX2515 IIA

image resolution:640x480

Power Supply:Electronic 220V/110V  50HZ

Eye lens: 10X(Monocular,Binocular)

Lighting: 12V LED Ring light

work size x y z: 250x150x150mm

X.Y.Z resolution: 0.0005mm

xy axis Accuracy: < or =(3+L/200)UM

Objective magnification errors: =or<0.08%

optical lens: 1x(standard),2x(optional)


1.   The horizontal measuring projector is an accurate and efficient measuring instrument for optical, mechanical and electrical integration. 

2.   General product structure and wide usage.

3.   Can detect the contour size and the surface shape of the complex workpiece.

4.   Such as model,  punch parts, cam, screw, gear, forming milling cutter, etc.

5.   Horizontal measuring projector is widely used in machinery, mold, instrument, electronics, spring,plastic,rubber,camera parts.pcb processed. light industry and other industries. 

6.   It is an 2d measurement instrument  and also 3D  measurement instrument .But also to the eyepiece gauge comparison measurement.measuring the height of screw,out dimeter, angle,or measure it after micro the outline of products.

7.   measure the surface ,angle,size of the workpiece.also can be used as observation microscope. Using the relative measurement method to check the surface roughness of the workpiece and non-contact measurement precision for the purpose of processing.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Tool Microscope basic properties

1.   For the vertical measurement of the size of the projector is difficult to detect, it is difficult to observe the site, can effectively complement the measurement and observation.

2.   stable performance

3.   high precision

4.   simple operation

5.   easy maintenance

6.   Simple structure, strong bearing capacity, the workpiece placed open space, handling convenience.

Product Applications

The perfect vision system for non-contact measurement and further inspection of Stamped and injected parts,Plastic parts, injection moulds,Electronic and other components commonly used in silk screen printing as well as the lead industry among others。

Packing ,transportation and after sales service

1.   One years warranty for the mother board. 

2.   Life-long maintenance service for the product.

Packing : wooden case.

Delivery time : 2 working days after receive the payment.