VB12 Optical Vertical Profile Projector

VB12 Optical Vertical Profile Projector

300mm diameter screen with digital protractor;

Working stage lifting system to focus;

Precision movement work-stage;

Halogen profile and surface illumination adjustable;

Geometric multifunction data processing system upgrade to DRO DP300;

Built-in Mini-printer;

Available 10x,20x,50x,100x objective, rotary table, foot-switch, etc.


Reverse Image:VB12-1550 ,VB12-2010

Obverse Image:VB12-1550Z,VB12-2010Z

Metal Stage Size:340x152 mm ,350x170 mm

Glass Stage Size:196x96 mm ,246x120 mm

Stage Travel: X and Y-axis:150x50 mm ,200 x 100 mm

Stage Travel: Z-axis:100mm (for focusing)


Resolution of X and Y-scale 0.0005 mm

Screen Diameter :Ø330mm,Effective Range ≥ Ø300(with “* ” Reticle)

Rotary Range: 0~360° ; Resolution Rotary Indicator: 1’ or 0.01°

Digital Readout DP 300Multifunctional Data Processing System/RS232

Illumination :24v/150w halogen lamp (adjustable)

Cooling System Forced Cooling (3-axis-fans)

Power Supply  AC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz, 400W 

Dimension (D×W×H) 785x 575 x 1136mm

Packing Dimension (L×W×H) 1540 x 790 x 1500mm 

Gross/Net Weight 260/220Kg 

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES VB12 Optical Vertical Profile Projector

1.   Powerful

2.   stable performance

3.   high precision

4.   simple operation

5.   easy maintenance

6.   Simple structure, strong bearing capacity, the workpiece placed open space, handling convenience.

Product Applications

The perfect vision system for non-contact measurement and further inspection of Stamped and injected parts,Plastic parts, injection moulds,Electronic and other components commonly used in silk screen printing as well as the lead industry among others。

Packing ,transportation and after sales service

1.   One years warranty for the mother board. 

2.   Life-long maintenance service for the product.

Packing : wooden case.

Delivery time : 2 working days after receive the payment.