JT 12108 Coordinate measuring machiner

JT 12108 Coordinate measuring machiner

Brand Name: JATEN

Model Number: JT 12108, JT 12108

Optical system: Automatic zoom lens

Power: Electronic 220V/110V 50HZ

Usage: Three Coordinate Measuring Machine

Measuring body size: 950x1050x2000mm

work size: 500x600x240mm

operating platform max load weight: 300kg

xy axis Accuracy: <(3+L/200)UM

Grating ruler: America brand High precision GSI. 0.5um

CCD: SONY colorful CCD


1.   The granite rail and granite working table. Mobile bridge structures. Ensure the accuracy and stability of the whole mechanical system. 

2.   Frictionless full flotation support rail, To minimize movement in the swing angle.

3.   Self-adhesive strip metal grating heart and platform, Z-axis beams blend with granite base. Triaxial it has the same temperature expansion coefficient. Thereby increasing the stability of the instrument.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES JT 12108 Coordinate measuring machiner

1.   Powerful

2.   stable performance

3.   high precision

4.   simple operation

5.   easy maintenance

6.   Simple structure, strong bearing capacity, the workpiece placed open space, handling convenience.

Product Applications

The perfect vision system for non-contact measurement and further inspection of Stamped and injected parts,Plastic parts, injection moulds,Electronic and other components commonly used in silk screen printing as well as the lead industry among others。

Packing ,transportation and after sales service

1.   One years warranty for the mother board. 

2.   Life-long maintenance service for the product.

Packing : wooden case.

Delivery time : 2 working days after receive the payment.