High resolution triplex scanner 3-d laser scanner

High resolution triplex scanner 3-d laser scanner

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: JATEN

Model Number: XL3DS-L

Mode: XL3DS-L

Single sided measurement accuracy: 0.04-0.02 mm

Average sampling distance: 0.3-0.2 mm

Scan object size:500mm~1500mm.above1500mm Coordinate with 3D Photogrammetry System

Scan mode: Non-contact type (Camera type)

Image resolution: 1280*1024

Output file format: ASC,STL

Single scan time:<5s< p="">

Splicing method: Fully automatic stitching

Single scan range: 400*300mm


Non contact 3D scanning method :High stability ,Wide application : Including the complex appearance ,Soft objects or easily worn extremely fast .Single scan time less than 5 seconds.

High accuracy : Single precision can be up to 7 µm .Unique calibration techniques.Accuracy testing method based on the German optical scanner measurement test standard VDI/VDE2634 formulation .

High resolution: High density point cloud data generated from optical scanning .Fine site can be clearly expressed.

Fully automatic mosaic :The 3D scanner can flip and move in the scanning process at random. System can automatically stitching multiple scan results .Splicing time is short .High accuracy .

The 3D scanner system has the function of cutting and eliminating the noise points in the measurement.

Basically unaffected by environment :No need to operate 3D scanner in the darkroom. No harm to human body .Wide working environment . It's also be operated in open environment .

Portable design : 3D scanner size is small .Easy to move .Especially suitable for measurement of large or heavy work pieces.

Easy operation :1~2 days training to skilled operation of three-dimensional scanners .

Various Output data interface, compatibility : Data can be output ASC, STL  formats .Direct data exchange with Imageware, Geomagic, Rapidform, UG, Pro/e, CATIA and other software .

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES High resolution triplex scanner 3-d laser scanner

1. Objective lens imaging clear, Magnification accuracy,

2. stable performance

3. high precision

4. simple operation

5. easy maintenance

6. Simple structure, strong bearing capacity, the workpiece placed open space, handling convenience.

Product Applications

inspection of Plastic parts, injection moulds, Electronic and other components.

Packing ,transportation and after sales service

1 , One years warranty for the mother board  2, Life-long maintenance service for the product.

Packing : wooden case .Delivery time : 2 working days after receive the payment.