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Dongguan Jaten Instrument Co.,Ltd .

It is specialized in dimensional measuring instrument,Image measuring instrument,

Coordinate measuring machine,Tool microscope and automatic glue dispensing

machine, electronic product dispensing machines  PCB dispensing machines etc.

Jaten is certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality system. We granted the certification of CE.

It’s a research, development, manufacturing and sales in the integration of international
high and new technology enterprise.

R& D Head office is located in Dongguan city, China. We have advanced R&D center

with 10 engineers and 13 technicians , 2 modern production workshops , more than 300 staffs.

Company products are mainly used in electronic appliances,

hardware and plastic products, aerospace, military industry and so on . Many years efforts,    Jaten have more than 10 brand agents over the world. Products have exported to more than    40 countries and regions.


The company built a large number of cultural facilities. Such as holding New Year Celebration. basketball. Fraternity and Travel.

Strengthen communication between employees and Increase team cohesion. Humans who dreams great. Enterprise's culture make it's prosperity.

Scientific talent strategy has always been to build first-class executive team. We are in the indomitable spirit and unwavering faith toward the future.

Advanced product structure, Stable performance, Reliable quality. Imported the international brand of key components. Advanced product structure, Stable performance, Reliable quality. Imported the  international brand of key components.



Our products are widely used in aviation,aerospace,SMT,Watch industry,Electronics Industry,Oil, Chemical industry,Metallurgical industry.

After more than 10 years of persistent and unremitting efforts.

Our company made a great progress in hardware, software and algorithms fields.

And complete with its own intellectual property rights and access to a number of national patents in the last two years.

Include two invention patents and 12 utility model patents.Products strictly implement industry and national technical standards.

It has passed CE, MC certification.Relying on advanced technology and equipment,Automation equipment to increase production capacity.

Innovation and customer first is our company's main purposes.


Attaches great importance to the talent. It's our company consensus decision.

We have a group of prominent experts and researchers. Most of them have bachelor's degrees. Never stop innovation.

We achieve a major breakthrough in the semiconductor industry image detection. The technical indicators rank among the leading position in the world